Everyone’s happy ever after is different, I’m sure to most people my happily ever after is their worst nightmare but this is me and this is my happy.

I juggle being a Mum to my beautiful 5 year old daughter, full time working,  keeping a house and the on going struggle of applying my makeup in the car everyday. I  do it in the most unorganised manor possible but to me, my unorganised way is the most organised way I know how. I’m forever being told I do too much and that my life is too hectic but the true reality is that this is the life of most parents of little people – we are busy. So, to make myself more busy I’ve decided to write a blog, something I’ve been promising myself to do for quite some time.

As I have recently entered life as a full-time working Mum, I make use of my free time more than ever and I tend to cram a little bit of a lot into my weekends.

So here you will find all sorts of random junk that I think might be relevant to some people, some people not so much but ultimately I hope my blog grows to be a place where I share my happy memories, where one day my little A can stumble across and see the fun we had and just how crazy her Mother is!

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