Pumpkins & soup

As a parent, we all have crappy days and we all have great days; even if your great day is the fact you got yourself & baby dressed & out the door before 12pm, without any projectile vomiting, poo explosions or mental breakdowns, it is still a great day.

Today was a great day. Every year Aiva & I go pumpkin picking in prep for halloween/to take some great instagram pics (you know the score). It’s a yearly tradition and Aiva has a whale of a time finding ‘the’ pumpkin. This year we went for a day out pumpkin picking with my bestie and her 4yo & 2yo girls. We ventured over to Pumpkins R Us which is in Barford, near Warwick, Warwickshire. I don’t think you will ever see anything quite like it, this place has hundreds of pumpkins of all different shapes, colours & sizes.

We’ve been coming to this pumpkin farm every year for the last 4 years and I always thought it was my little secret place, a hidden gem but somehow, on this day, every man and his dog had come to this farm to select their pumpkin. It was RAMMED

Despite the overflow of people, queueing for half an hour to pay for a couple of pumpkins and a grumpy, ready-for-nap 2 year old having a breakdown every 2 steps, we had the best time! Our girls were climbing pumpkin mountains, finding funny looking pumpkins & generally have a ball.

We got home, put the toddler down for a nap, de-fleshed the pumpkins & let the girls have a go at pumpkin carving. We chose the cheat route and used pumpkin stencils but may I add this in no way made the activity easier. By ‘letting the girls have a go’ I mean 2 failed attempts & then making us Mum’s do the proper graft.

We made pumpkin & carrot soup (this very sentence makes me feel like I really have my sh*t together) with the flesh from our freshly picked pumpkins. By making soup, I mean throwing the ingredients into a soup maker but HEY, WHO’S JUDGING?

Post soup consuming (we also roasted the pumpkin seeds in paprika, I feel so earth Mom right now) we cuddled up on the sofa and watched the all time halloween classic; Hocus Pocus. Could this day be any more amazing???? In the words of Mother Pukka, today, we completely parented the shit out of life #parentingtheshitoutoflife

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