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Admittedly, we’re not Lego fanatics. Aiva has only ever been bought one Lego set (besides the preschool chunky plastic stuff) and the first time she opened it, it took me an hour to put together this tiny pink Lego car. After spending the longest hour of my life putting this devil Lego together, the child (then 4) dismantled my hard work and decided she didn’t want to play with it anymore. The lego was left on the floor and patiently waiting for me to stand on it later that day, which I did & I’m positive hurt more than standing on a plug. So that’s what happened, which (without Aiva’s knowledge) gave me no choice but to throw it in the bin.

Anyway, my morbid opening story’s point is that you don’t have to give a monkey about lego to enjoy Legoland to the max!

Windsor is about 2 hours away from our house, we wanted to arrive for opening time so we set off at 7:30am… on a Sunday…ouch. We got there for about 9:45 after a coffee stop & getting a car park ticket etc. For a Sunday in the summer holidays it was nowhere near as busy as I had expected.

Here’s my top tips for a day at Legoland

#1 Get there early

We got there for when it opened and it felt so much more relaxed, like there wasn’t a massive rush to get into the park, we also got on a couple of rides queue-free

#2 Download the Legoland Windsor app
Download the app to get free wifi, maps, show times & queue times. If there’s a ride you really want to go on, check out the queue times on the app before heading over. The queue times change completely throughout the day so don’t waste your time queuing any longer than 30-40 minutes for a ride. The app is also good for checking height restrictions for rides – you don’t want to queue 30 minutes then realise your child is too small for a ride (and they are very big on safety at Legoland, so you’ll have no chance of sweet talking the ride attendant)

#3 Leave the big rides til lastimg_0819
The big rides tend to have the biggest queues, leave these til last if the queue times are high throughout the day – people start to head home from 4pm so avoid the queues and hit the big’ens around then.

#4 Stay til the end

If you’re only spending the day at Legoland – stay right til closing time. You want to make the most of your money & you can pack so much in that last hour of park time.

#5 Buy the £30 digipack
If you’re a snappy happy parent (like me) you should definitely buy the digipack. They offer you this photo pack when you first come in the park, when they asked me if I wanted to pay £30 for unlimited photos throughout the day I thought ‘forget that, what a rip off’. By the end of the day I’d spent £40 on photos from rides, the driver license, weather presenter photo – you name iimg_0801-1t I (muggins) bought it. May I add that none of it was pressure from the 5 year old, it was all my personal choice because the photos were just fantastic. So long and short of it is – if you plan to buy photos throughout the day, get the digipack. You can buy this online ahead of your visit for £24 at

6# Bring a pack lunch
We bought a picnic with us so we didn’t have to faff getting lunch. It was handy because as we got hungry throughout the day, waiting for rides etc. we just grazed on bits from the picnic. Having said that, we used the Legoland hotel toilets & there was a restaurant that did all you can eat buffet at a really good price, I think it was about £7 kids and £12 adults which included a drink. Next time we go I think we’ll bring snacks & then do the buffet but it’s definitely worth bringing some food to shut the kids up – running round & going on rides all day is exhausting, you need to refuel!

#7 Bring swimming stuff (not for you, you’ll get some funny stares and probably get kicked out)
Don’t forget Duploland is an outdoor waterpark, so if you go in the summer months definitely pack your little one’s swimming gear (they have a strict rule that children must be wearing swimwear – no nakedness or running around in their pants allowed)

#8 Make the most of the kids play areas in the middle of big-ride queues
img_0850Don’t be alarmed if the queue time for one of the best rides is over 20 minutes. The big queues have a children’s area in the middle so the kids can be entertained while you do the boring queuing bit. There’s a pirate ship climbing frame at the logfume queue and there’s a movie theatre in the middle of Laiser Raider – amazing idea & I wish all theme parks did it!!

#9 Stay in the hotel – if you can

You can get a second day ticket (at the time of bimg_0816ooking your ticket) for as little as £6 extra so if you can go for 2 days, DO IT. The Legoland hotel is AMAZING but it can be pricey, you can book nearby hotels for as little as £50 a night for a family room. If you book through tickets for the park are included in the hotel price and if you book far in advance you will get an absolute bargain deal! There’s more than enough to do at the park to fill 2 whole days.

We spend too much time being the control freak parent (I certainly do), it’s usually us Mum’s that get the bad cop role. Have a day of doing whatever the kids want – it’s that kind of place. Let the kids lead the way, and have a great day [poet and I know it].

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