It’s been a while

So the whole ‘I’m going to post a blog once a week’ thing went a bit Pete Tong. I wish I had some cray-zay story as to why I’ve been SO busy that I couldn’t write the odd post over the last year but the best excuse I have to offer is that I got pretty busy with netflix in the evenings [we got into Suits – kind of a big deal]. I think I got too busy drafting blog ideas in my head that I never got round to actually posting anything! oops.

 It’s been almost a year since our last post, double oops. Here’s 10 things that have happened in the last 12 months.
#1 Center Parcs September 2015
(The irony is I have a ‘Center Parcs Sherwood Forest’ post sat in my drafts. I will finish that one and post it soon because this September we’re going to Elvedon Center Parcs so will [hopefully] do one on that too)
center parcs
#2 Aiva’s first day of school!
I spent the first 3 years of Aiva’s life mainly at home with her as I studied my degree. From when she was 3-and-a-half I dived into full-time work with my shiny new business and management degree. It was really hard saying goodbye to our week-day adventures & spending so much time together. I was emotional on her first day of school but at the same time I was a bit revealed; Aiva had to go to school and I had to go to work. I changed my working hours so I could pick Aiva up from school at normal time & it’s been happy sailing ever since! (…until the 6 week long summer holidays arrived [blog TBC])
Aiva starts school
#3 San Francisco November 2015
My sister’s husband, my dear brother-in-law tragically passed away earlier in the year (I had planned to write a grief related post about how our family ploughed through but it was still so raw – I’ll put this on my list of posts ‘to-do’) anyway, my sister deserved a break. So we booked up on the trip we’ve always wanted to do, child-free, and had the time of our lives.
San fran
#4 Disney December 2015
Being the impulsive holiday-booker that I am, I saw cheap flights to Paris one day & decided there and then we would do Disneyland Paris. It was AMAZING.
#5 School achievements – Golden book award!
As I’m sure all parents do, I think my baby is the most polite, funny and intelligent little person in the world, I truly do. But for other people to recognise just how amazing of a little human she is, really does leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Aiva taking her achievement as serious as ever:
golden book
#6 Guide dog tour
This might seem like a random one to include in our highlights from the year but Aiva is animal obsessed & has always took an interest in guide dogs and how they help the blind. We booked this tour months in advance & it was well worth the wait.
guide dogs
#7 Aiva turns 5
Turning 5 is kind of a big deal; that’s half a decade! As we all say ‘where did those years go?’. One of my favourite things about being a Mummy is planning birthday parties. I get stressed, obsessive and always go a little over the top but it’s always worth it to see Aiva’s happy face! This year we hired a big red party bus and it was amazeballs!
Aiva is 5
#8 Brighton May 2016
My Granddad lives in Brighton & it also happens to be my favourite city here in the UK. Somehow we only manage to visit once or twice a year, my new years resolution is going to be to visit so much more!
#9 Spain July 2016
We had a week-long (nowhere near long enough) holiday to Torrevieja, Spain. We went with my in-laws and stayed in a family friends amazing house over there. It was the most wonderful week and our little A didn’t spend much longer than a few minutes out of the water. I’m so proud how well she can swim with no swimming aids; my little mermaid!
 swimming snap!
#10 Our new pet fish
A random 10th life event from the past year but also so very important don’t you know! We don’t really ‘do’ pets. The last pet we had was 2 guinea pigs and within a month 1 murdered the other, and it wasn’t pretty. So we had decided maybe furry friends weren’t for us. Aiva randomly asked whilst on holiday if she could have a pet fish, I told her not at the moment as her bedroom is never tidy and it wouldn’t be fair on the fish (LOL). When we landed home from Spain Aiva went up to her bedroom (on her own accord) and spend 2 hours making her bedroom SPOTLESS – of course I had to buy her the fish.

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