Strawberry picking and an epiphany

Every year I like to go fruit picking in the summer. Not because I need the ingredients to bake a home-made pie (chances are slim to none) or because I love the freshness of hand picked strawberries (they’re much cheaper in Sainsburys) but simply because it’s a nice day out and I’m guaranteed some cute pictures for the family photo album.

It’s one of Aiva’s favourite days out and she had been looking forward to it all week. Picnic prepared, sun-cream smeared and picking fingers ready, we set off to the local fruit picking farm to pick the fruit for Aiva’s ‘special fruit smoothie’, a smoothie which usually consists of anything she has permission to put into the smoothie maker, takes one sip and decides she doesn’t want any more but hey if it brings 20 minutes of happiness it’s more than worth it!

Aiva’s cousins Addy and Jack came along for the day, they absolutely loved it and we played ‘who can get the biggest strawberry’ which made them even more eager to search for the big juicy ones.

I love strawberry picking on a really sunny day, it always looks so picturesque and of course I’m always there with my Canon in hand. My little A is almost always happy to oblige to my photography needs, she has perfected what we call ‘the dimple smile’ and at the age of 4, she has accepted her Mother’s love for having nice photos to frame.

But on this day I feel I had somewhat of an epiphany. While Aiva is a little angel and will happily pose for a photo or 2 most days, on this day, she just wanted to have fun and consume her every moment trying to find the biggest juiciest strawberry. As I was following her round with a big camera in her face shouting ‘smile’ she actually got irate and quite sick of my persistent need to take photos. It made me realise that it’s not all about capturing the moment its about living it (excuse the soppy quote). I love photography. I’m by no means good at it but it’s something I enjoy and I just love to take photos. There’s times Aiva does want a photo ‘take a photo of me doing this’ ‘take a photo of me in front of that’ but sometimes, well most times she and more so all children, just want to have fun. It doesn’t always take a posey photo to document your amazing day.

So, that was my epiphany. I’m never going to stop taking endless photos but perhaps should worry less about the picture perfect smiles and capture more of the natural goodness!

So, here’s my not so picture perfect strawberry picking snaps.

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